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Marco Fantini srl was founded in Florence in 1985 by the entrepreneur Marco Fantini and his wife Elena, the creative soul of the enterprise. The company produces and distributes on the female couture market quality garments of Italian style on the strength of a vision focused on the retrieval of traditions and techniques of manual expertise combined with innovative technologies and a single buzzword: Made in Italy.
In over thirty years of history Marco Fantini srl has generated the trademarks LE GATTE, OHDD, SAVE THE QUEEN!, SAVE THE QUEEN! SUN and SAVE THE QUEEN! MOON. These are all brands characterised by strong and distinctive creative identities while sharing the corporate inclination to give a contemporary interpretation to stylistic elements of different cultures, pursuing quality and innovation in the materials. From the very first seasons the Florentine fashion house has taken its brands to the international markets, with 80% of the production destined to export. The leading foreign mar kets are in Europe – France, Italy, En- gland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Holland – followed by almost another fifty countries all over the world. In the last few years, the evolution of the products and the completeness of the offer of the collections proposed has led the company to study a more direct management of its marketing and a digitalization process, in line with the times, resulting in the opening of the online worldwide e-commerce of the Save The Queen! brand.

Product features 100% Made in Italy

The raw materials used are Italian, and every single phase of processing of the product is carried out exclusi-vely in Italy.
For Save The Queen!, made in Italy is a consummate history of talent, culture of elegance, craft expertise, swift-ness of innovation and attention to detail. Creativity and technical acumen. Ground-breaking management approaches meld perfectly with the strong bond with ancient Italian craft traditions.
On the strength of this conviction and creative philosophy, with every collection Save The Queen! brings to life a gallery of little masterpieces of readyto-wear, where each garment features hand- designed prints and exclusively-produced fabrics created with dynamism and romantic artistic expression. The decision to print the fabrics is not only bound up with the style concept, but also dictated by the desire to rediscover an all Italian tradition built on productive techniques developed above all in the Como region, where the company still has its fabrics printed in 15 colours. The garment is like a painting. The design is then printed on fabric in panels and cut.
And then there are the embroideries. These are worked by hand using Cornely machines, so that every item is unique, no two ever being the same: this is also because the manual skills of the embroiderers are differently expressed, so that each one leaves something of her own personality in the design.

New techniques and materials are experimented season after season in an ongoing research: the embroidery can be made using any type of yarn, from the thicker wools to chenille and raffia, or satin and velvet ribbons, with little accessories in all kinds of material inserted by hand.

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